Straight-talking HR advice that makes a difference:

to you, your workplace and the community

HR Consultants that help you achieve better business outcomes

HR Consultants that help you achieve better business outcomes

At Red Wagon Workplace Solutions, we invest in getting to know your business, becoming your valued partner and providing you with straight talking HR advice which will make a positive difference.

Change is on the horizon, and you want to make sure that you get it right.  Whether it be for change of personnel, classification assessments for your team, upskilling knowledge to meet legislative changes or investigations when things go wrong, Red Wagon can ensure that you are well positioned to navigate the complexities of people management, maintain compliance against the Fair Work Act, and achieve your business goals.

We believe people are the heart of your business strategy and key to your business growth.

You want to increase your profit, efficiency or are in a growth stage? We can provide direction and clarity through an independent and objective review, redesign and restructure process?

Perhaps you’re seeing an increase in complaints or sense that ‘something isn’t quite right’ but are unsure what the issue is, or how to fix it?  We can support with training, mediation and investigation services for your team.

Is your internal HR team overwhelmed and you need peace of mind that workplace and employee matters are being managed in a responsive, commercially astute and pragmatic way? Our external HR consultants can help!

Whatever your challenge, there’s no need to face it alone. It is time to future proof your business with people centric solutions and processes to safely power you forward and minimise risk.

Our HR Services

We bring laser sharp vision and expertise into your organisation to mitigate your risks, ensure compliance and address any underlying challenges. Independent, with an objective opinion, Red Wagon Workplace Solutions bring a fresh dose of reality and guidance, to offer a truly reflective vision of the shape of your business and its people. We’re experts in piecing together the pieces of the HR puzzle to create an effective and polished solution.

HR Advisory Services

We love taking the pressure off and can help with consulting on the nuts and bolts HR part of your business – employment contract creation and reviews, termination processes, policy templates and award compliance checks for example. Rely on Red Wagon Workplace Solutions for honest, bold advice to help set your business up for success including:

  • Ad hoc advisory services
  • Managed Services support programs (including ‘phone a friend’)
  • Employment contracts
  • Policy templates
  • HR department implementation
  • Staff surveys to understand your team and set you up for success

IR Advisory & Compliance

As experts in people compliance including termination, redundancy or advancements; or position classification assessments for your team, Red Wagon Workplace Solutions can ensure that you are well positioned to navigate the complexities of people management and achieve your business goals.

If you are facing any people challenges, Red Wagon Workplace Solutions can help you to:

  • Understand your legal obligations: Red Wagon can help you to understand your legal obligations in relation to employment law.  This includes ensuring that you are compliant with all relevant legislation, such as the Fair Work Act.
  • Make informed decisions: Red Wagon can help you to make informed decisions about your people.  This includes providing you with the advice on the best course of action in a particular situation.
  • Protect your business:  Red Wagon can help you to protect your business from the risks associated with employment law.  This includes providing you with advice on how to avoid legal disputes and how to mitigate the impact of any disputes that do arise.

If you are looking for help with any of your HR-related needs, Red Wagon Workplace Solutions can provide you with the support you need to achieve your business goals.

Training Services and Coaching

When training is well-designed and delivered, it can be a powerful tool for improving employee skills and knowledge and growing your business. It can also help   to boost morale, productivity, and customer satisfaction. However, if training is not engaging or relevant, it can quickly become boring and ineffective.

At Red Wagon Workplace Solutions, we create and deliver training programs that are aligned to legislative requirements whilst being relevant to your industry and team so that they can enjoy the knowledge sharing process.

Our wide range of training programs include:

  • Employee Experience – how do we engage with our employees before day 1 and throughout their onboarding
  • Sexual Harassment – protect your team through understanding all aspects including psychosocial and physical, how to prevent and what to do if harassment does occur
  • Performance Conversations – guiding leaders on the process and how to make the performance review process a positive experience, setting up all for success
  • HR Policy training – what do the policies actually mean and how can they be successfully applied in the workplace by leaders and the team. We explore and expand on these questions whilst guiding your team to get it right.
  • Leadership Coaching – often great people are promoted because they are fantastic at their jobs, or they have shown dedication to your business – however, have we set them up for success without the investment of leadership skill development. Red Wagon Workplace Solutions can create a program that is aligned to your business requirements and desired outcomes

Complaint Management

Complaints are always handled in a professional and confidential manner to protect your brand and to be legally compliant. We can manage individual complaints   in line with your existing grievance process, or create new processes where required. You will always receive formal documentation and evidence, followed by   robust recommendations for a solution which may include facilitated mediation.

Our mediation services can assist to resolve conflict between team members through a confidential process that allows both parties to share their   perspectives and to work together to find a mutually agreeable solution.

We offer external case management and investigation of whistleblower reports and other employee instigated or workplace related complaints.

Equally we’re experts in finding complaint patterns and in providing recommendations to correct the root causes of the grievances, not just find a temporary masking solution.

Auditing and Compliance

Red Wagon Workplace Solutions offers specialist diagnostic and audit services, tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of your organisation and industry.

Our reviews are more than just a HR health check or a templated checklist – they involve a detailed analysis of your practices and processes, highlighting areas of risk and providing clear and practical actions for improvement. It is imperative that your organisation is meeting legislative compliance and governance standards, and that your processes support both your business and your employees.

As industrial relations and human resource experts, we are best placed to offer objective and knowledgeable audits for payroll functions, sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination, industrial relations functions and enterprise agreement compliance.

HR Investigations

Discrete and professional end to end handling of corporate matters, which could damage or inhibit your brand and culture.

We’re highly experienced at handling delicate investigations – from fraud to theft, to harassment and bullying, we’ll adapt to your unique circumstances to consider the evidence and produce independent recommendations and deep dive reviews based on our findings.

Red Wagon will investigate the matter efficiently, thoroughly, and tactfully.  Our approach is fair and impartial; our advice is practical and straight-forward with recommendations taking into consideration the best possible outcomes for all parties and the organisation.

Our expertise in workplace investigations and knowledge of employment law not only ensures a robust investigation process but also forms the solid foundation of our assessment and recommendation regarding potential breaches of workplace policy and state or federal laws.

Restructure/Redesign Advisory

Change can be extremely challenging, but necessary to continue growth trajectories and meet the needs of a changing organisation.

We will provide tailored solutions for your changing environment – including full end to end management of your restructure process, or just the areas you require support in, from planning to implementation to embedding change.  Getting your organisational structure correct and maximising your productivity through automation, identifying duplication of effort and breaking down silos are crucial to the success of your business. We can ensure you get it right.

Start the dialogue with Red Wagon Workplace Solutions, for straight talking HR advice that makes a difference.