Supporting balanced, outcomes-driven transformation.

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Supporting balanced, outcomes-driven transformation

Getting great business outcomes can mean making hard decisions about your employees.

Corporate restructuring, problem solving, and people management, are easier with expert advice.

Results or people? Choose both

Research shows that you get better financial results when your employees see an equitable and strategic process.

You can choose between results and fairness. But in our experience, successful outcomes require both.

Red Wagon Workplace Solutions is your strategic partner

Put your difficult workplace problems into the red wagon, and it will guide you smoothly over rough territory.

When you invest in your own Red Wagon, you get more than a single solution. You become our partner, because we care about your business as much as you do.

Red Wagon

Case Studies

Applications made for an order to stop bullying at work
Applications made for orders granting a remedy for Unfair Dismissal
Applications granted - dismissal was not fair
Claims dismissed because a genuine redundancy

** Fair Work Commission Quarterly report to the Fair Work Ombudsman 3rd quarter 2018-2019. Figures cover the period 1 January 2019 – 31 March 2019

Michael Phillips

Corporate HR Manager, Peregrine Corporation

I have had the pleasure of knowing Susan as a HR professional since 2014, initially through her hard work as committee member of the AHRI IR network. In 2018 the organisation needed some external support with a major IR change project impacting over 3000 employees and we approached Red Wagon Workplace Solutions to partner with us. Susan’s IR knowledge, outstanding communication skills and pragmatic approach were invaluable in successfully delivering this project. Red Wagon is one of the first companies that comes to mind when we need external HR/IR support and Susan continues to partner with us on several strategic initiatives.

Chris Wood

General Manager People, Performance & Culture – Adelaide Football Club

Adelaide Football Club is a dynamic environment in which we constantly balance fairness and care for our employees with commercial business outcomes. When we need specialist IR advice, we trust Susan and Red Wagon to provide a practical approach to resolving issues, whether that is for employee disciplinary conversations, the conduct of investigations or terminations. Susan’s combination of technical knowledge, straight-talk and ability to balance risk and performance makes Red Wagon our first port of call for troubleshooting people issues.

Suzanne Curyer

Chief Executive Officer

I would say that even if you’re somebody like me who’s had years of experience in managing staff, I highly recommend that you get somebody like Susan - actually does sit outside of the organisation. [She can] provide you with information, updates, and strategies to manage a modern workforce. Any organisation that’s going to position itself well to deliver on its core purpose and mission … needs to invest in some good advice and information and support from somebody such as Susan.

Brenton James

Managing Partner, Jones Harley Toole

Susan’s strength, apart from [her] expertise, is … understanding the roles and rights of the employer but still managing a successful HR process … what I like about Susan is that I think she recognises the difference between a poor decision and a hard decision.

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