Interactive Training with Results

When training is well-designed and delivered, it can be a powerful tool for improving employee skills and knowledge.  It can also help to boost morale, productivity, and customer satisfaction.  However, if training is not engaging or relevant, it can quickly become boring and ineffective which has been highlighted through results at the Fair Work Commission in negative consideration of the effectiveness of online training.

At Red Wagon, we create and deliver interactive, face to face training and individual coaching programs so that all can enjoy the knowledge sharing process. 

Employee Experience Training

What first impression does your business bring?

The old saying ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’ is never truer than that of an employee’s first day.  However, we often forget that an employee’s ‘first impression’ with an organisation starts well before their first day on the job – it begins from their initial application.

During the Employee Experience training program you will be taken on a road of understanding of:

  • Understanding the core principles of an employee first culture and why it’s important
  • Recognising how to implement future state journeys within the framework of employee experience
  • How to define a vision for employee experience
  • Applying the employee experience vision to your future state
  • Articulating a set of objectives that can be applied to employee engagement across the entire business
  • Understanding the motivation for change and the implications for continuing with the status quo
  • How to create ownership adn buy-in to the employee experience across the whole of business
  • Building alignment between vision, objectives and employee journey mapping methodology to apply to designing future state employee journeys
  • Developing a model for prioritising future state activities
  • How to bring employee engagement campaigns to life: developing workflows and employee centric content
  • How to measure the effectiveness of employee journeys and other engagement activities

This program is suitable for all team members who are involved in recruitment, leaders and employee focussed decision makers across your organisation.

Sexual Harassment & Bullying Training

Protecting your team from physical and psychosocial harm.

The amended Work Health and Safety Regulations that came into effect on 1st April 2023, prescribe how duty holders must identify and manage hazards and risks to workers’ psychological health and safety.  These training programs delivered in a face to face, interactive format provide knowledge on how to protect your team, how to prevent sexual harassment and bullying from occuring, what to do if harassment does occur within a collaborative and supportive team environment.

Delivered face to face and aligned to your business and industry, these training programs will support employees to:

  • identify psychosocial hazards in the workplace
  • assess potential hazards and how to implement controls to reduce the opportunity for harassment or bullying to occur
  • understand legal obligations
  • understand the processes involved when investigating accusations of harassment and bullying in the workplace
  • understand the importance of protecting all parties during the investigation process
  • understand and appreciate the legal processes and decisions made in relation to harassment and bullying through the use of real world case studies

This program is one that all persons involved in your business should participate ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Performance Conversations

The importance of doing them well

We have all had the experience of a leader ‘ticking a box‘ once or twice a year because someone from HR put into place a Performance Review process, whilst they grumble under their breathe and throw you a feedback form to fill in.  What many forget, is the importance of the opportunity through these conversations to set up yourself and your team members for success.

We all like to feel appreciated, congratulated and know where the goal posts are so that we can celebrate when we have been successful in our roles; the Performance Conversation training program takes people leaders through an informed and interactive process to gain a full appreciation as to how, through the use of positive performance processes (not all conversations will be positive), and how when done well, they can result in a collaborative and forward moving team culture.  Bringing self awareness and reflective practices to the fore, this program will prepare your people leaders for effective conversations including the importance of:

  • Being prepared prior to and for the meetings with an understanding of the goals and objectives
  • Specific feedback and what that looks like
  • A focus on being constructive and helpful
  • The use of positivity within conversations where performance has not met expectations
  • Being open and how to receive 360 degree feedback for both the employee and leader
  • Focus on the opportunity to find solutions to perceived issues

Suitable and aligned for all leaders at various levels within an organisation.  A fresh perspective can always add value.

Leadership Training and Coaching

Setting leaders up for sucess

We have all seen the situation where  great people are promoted because they are fantastic at their jobs, or they have shown dedication to the business, however, have they been set up for success without the investment of leadership skill development?  Red Wagon offers both group leadership training or 1-1 coaching programs which are aligned to the requirements of both the individuals and your organisation.

We set your leaders up for success through the provision of:

  • A solid foundation in the core practices of leadership and styles for desired outcomes
  • Specific tools and strategies allowing them to track progress and make any required adjustments
  • An open and supportive forum to discuss challenges and solutions to set backs
  • Skill development in the areas of communication, influence, delegation, decision-making and conflict resolution
  • Understanding learning styles and training principles when upskilling/coaching team members

The Red Wagon Leadership training or Coaching programs are a valuable investment for your leaders and in turn your organisation.  Our Facilitators and Coaches are selected for their alignment in understanding your desired business outcomes and for the knowledge that they bring to engage and upskill your leaders.

HR Policy Training

We understand that within the world of business, having policies to outline requirements and expectations of our employees are essential to ensure that all are operating under the same expectations, however although in place, some policies are never fully understood by those who are required to follow and implement them.  Red Wagon can design a training program for your team and leaders to expand on the requirements and expectations of your policies and ‘guide them to get it right‘.

Designing a training / coaching program that works for you.

Red Wagon creates bespoke training and coaching solutions that address the unique characteristics of your people and organisation because we know that one size doesn’t fit all!

Robyn Heap

General Manager People & Safety
– Lawson Grains –

I was looking for a business that could offer us a customised training program along with a point of difference and Red Wagon delivered in spades.  The feedback at the end of each session were glowing, such positive feedback about the facilitator and how engaging the content was.

Participant Feedback

Various Programs & Organisations

Engaging trainer, very open environment for discussion

Easy to understand, open comfortable environment

Very engaging, funny, knowledgeable & comfortable space to share and speak out

Level of interaction and detail of subject was on point

Real examples made the information more meaningful

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