We bring laser sharp vision and expertise into your organisation to mitigate your risks and address any underlying challenges. Independent, with an objective opinion, Red Wagon Workplace Solutions bring a fresh dose of reality and guidance, to offer a truly reflective vision of the shape of your business and its people. We’re experts in piecing together pieces of the HR puzzle to create a polished solution.


Discrete and professional end to end handling of corporate matters, which could damage or inhibit your brand and culture.

We’re highly experienced at handling delicate investigations – from fraud to theft, to harassment and bullying, we’ll adapt to your unique circumstances to consider the evidence and produce independent recommendations and deep dive reviews based on our findings.

Complaints Handling

We offer external investigation and management of Whistle-blower reports and other employee instigated or workplace related complaints.

Complaints are always handled in a professional and confidential manner to protect your brand and to be legally compliant. We can manage individual complaints in line with your existing grievance process, or create new processes where required. You will always receive formal documentation and evidence, followed by robust recommendations for a solution.

Equally we’re experts in finding complaint patterns and in providing recommendations to correct the root causes of the grievances, not just find a temporary masking solution.

Restructure/Redesign advisory

Change can be extremely challenging, but necessary to continue growth trajectories and meet the needs of a changing organisation.

We will provide tailored solutions for your changing environment – including full end to end management of your restructure process, or just the areas you require support in, from planning to implementation to embedding change.  Getting your organisation structure correct and maximising your productivity through automation, identifying duplication of effort and breaking down silos are crucial to the success of your business– we can ensure you get it right.

Industrial Relations (IR) Function Audits

We can complete audits of your IR activities and functions to ensure legislative compliance and governance standards are met and IR information is on message, factual and correct.

General HR advisory

We love taking the pressure off and can help with consulting on the nuts and bolts part of your HR business – contract reviews, termination processes and award compliance checks for example. Rely on Red Wagon Workplace Solutions for honest, bold advice to help set your business up for success.

Strategic Review and Coaching

Stay one step ahead by engaging us as a trusted partner to regularly review your business strategy and make recommendations for change or improvements. Future proof your own leadership style and the mark you leave on the organisation, with coaching to guide you on maintaining a robust, healthy culture and a commercially sound business.