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So often we hit the ground running, but as time goes on, we realise that the busyness of work is all reactive. Productivity is only part of being a great manager, having a plan and the ability to stick to it is just as critical.

Let’s have a look at the projects currently on your radar – unfinished projects, the endless and growing “important but not urgent” list that keeps you awake, bright ideas and strategic plans that never reach the drafting stage.

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The pillars of your transformation

Step back from the operational detail and take the time to consider your progress as a leader, and the state of your business strategy.

Get Support

Have a Plan, Develop a Strategy

Immersive Learning

Pillar 1

Get Support – Gain clarity and accountability with one-on-one coaching

If you’ve even been stumped on what to do when presented with a challenge or new opportunity, then you know how frustrating it can feel. You can be absolutely frozen by uncertainty and indecision. With personal, one-on-one coaching that is tailored just for you, you will have an expert walking by your side to support you with planning, responding and implementing decisions and strategies.

Accelerate your leadership impact by leaning on a coach and mentor whose only agenda is your success.

Pillar 2

Have a Plan, Develop a Strategy

Although it can be tempting to think that in volatile times strategy is too long-term to be helpful, the reality is that following a set plan or strategy will help you to ensure that your stated goals and actions remain aligned. Any strategy that you set for your business, whether that is HR, marketing, or customer service, is formed of two key features – a description of the promise, and a description and path for delivering it.


It is Thursday afternoon and the clock just ticked over to 2.30 pm. How is it so late already? The morning was a blur, but then, so has been the rest of the week.

Between meetings, phone calls, emails and team discussions, you haven’t touched your to-do list except to add to it. It feels like the priorities of everyone else come before your own.

Glancing at your list, you decide to check off a couple of small items rather than try to tackle the enterprise agreement strategy. You feel overwhelmed … as though you will never catch up.

Fast forward a few hours to the end of the day. You are the last to leave and as you switch off the lights you feel a bit despondent as you realise yet again, you really didn’t get much done today.


It is Thursday afternoon and the clock just ticked over to 2.30 pm. You are feeling great about what you have achieved so far this week. You have clarity on the big projects on your plate and an action plan which you follow to make progress on them every day.

You are in control and able to be proactive, and you are on track because you don’t lose focus by becoming distracted by emails and phone calls. You have time to strategise, action and reflect, and have a trusted confidant as your strategy coach who keeps you accountable for the big picture. The emails and the phone calls get done around your high priority projects, and you are confident and organised in working through your to-do list.

You don’t need time to have a good idea, you need space. The strategy consultants at Red Wagon can support you to clear the decks by getting your strategy out of your head and into a form that can be properly triaged. We will then work with you to formulate the steps to achieve that strategy and build in accountability, evaluation and even celebration, to get you the best results.

Remember that busy is what happens when you are at the mercy of some else’s schedule. Giving yourself space to develop your big-picture strategy will enable you to be proactive and reduce the need for crisis management and feelings of overwhelm.

Pillar 3

Immersive learning – Take the time to develop yourself so you can better support your team

Your team look to you for all the answers. They don’t realise that a magic wand didn’t accompany the title of manager and that you don’t have a crystal ball in your toolkit.

You keep meaning to read that article or watch that video. The result is that you feel somewhat isolated and only have the capacity to deal with the day-to-day, not what you need to do to grow for tomorrow.

You don’t have anyone that you can workshop challenges, ideas and frustrations with. You aren’t learning and growing yourself. What you need is a different perspective, a sense-check, and someone to challenge your ideas with a new scenario.

Regardless of whether you are a first-time manager, or a seasoned one, there are always new skills and approaches that you can learn and apply to get great results.

At Red Wagon, we believe the best leaders, and the best teams, are always learning. Our Learning Circles provide structure to knowledge sharing in a safe environment. We encourage learning through engaging with like-minded professionals, through honest conversations, without ego.

It is hard to find the time to develop your craft while you are focused on executing the day to day. Our Learning Circles include a range of facilitated learning opportunities including panel discussions, practical seminars, case studies and facilitated group discussions.

You can access the Red Wagon strategy sessions and knowledge-sharing opportunities, as well as many other benefits, in our HR membership packages.

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