HR Support That Makes a Difference

The “people” issues in a workplace can be some of the most difficult, complex and sensitive challenges for managers to deal with in their business. Even when you have a good idea of how to tackle an issue, nothing can replace the value of talking it through with someone you can trust, someone who is impartial and can help you to understand your options and risks.

Whether you have an HR resource in-house, or it is one of the many hats you wear, Red Wagon will provide you with wise and practical HR advice. We have years of experience of guiding managers through the messiest, most complicated workplace issues, so you can feel confident that you are receiving reasoned and practical guidance from an experienced HR consultant who not just understands business, but understands your business.

Australia has the most complex workplace relations laws in the world. Fair Work forms the foundation of all workplace and employee-related activities, from the hiring process to terms and conditions of employment, workplace changes, dispute resolution and employee exits. In such a complex environment, it is no wonder that you need a guide to help you unpack your HR activities!

Engaging a seasoned HR consultant to partner with your business is a practical and efficient option that will provide you with access to the best HR tactics and strategies that will make a positive difference to your employees, your business, and you.

Straight Talking HR Advice

We are proud of the genuine relationships we have with all our customers and the community. Whether you need generalist HR consulting or an outsourced HR manager, a workplace investigator, or assistance with a bespoke HR project, we can partner with you to be an extension of your existing team.

Some of our projects include:

  • Development and implementation of systems and frameworks for people processes; for example, performance appraisal processes, professional development
  • Workforce planning initiatives, including position description development, succession planning frameworks, organisational redesign, and restructures
  • Review and amend processes within the employee lifecycle such as recruitment, probationary assessment, employee separation
  • Coaching and guidance of internal HR consultants and CEOs 



Choosing an outsourced HR consultant

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting an external or outsourced HR service provider.

It is important for you to spend the time to find the ideal HR partner who can meet you where your business is at now, as well as support your growth and changing needs.

You should not have to be restricted to a certain number of support hours a month, or pay for tailored documentation only to receive generic templates and advice.

We have listened to CEOs and senior leaders and have designed a strong and flexible framework upon which we can build a HR solution unique to your business requirements.

HR Managed Services

HR membership plans designed for your business

With the field of human resources and people management becoming increasingly complex and bound by legislation, asking your Office Manager or Payroll person to take on HR duties attracts unnecessary risk to your business.

At Red Wagon Workplace Solutions, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes from 5 to 300+ employees. Some have an individual responsible HR administration but no designated HR Manager. Others have an HR Advisor or HR Manager but understand that they need more support, coaching or specialist skills to get the best results for the organisation and reduce their risk. When your organisation crosses the official threshold of a small business and has more than 15 employees, you are considered by Fair Work to have the resources and ability to access accurate and sound HR advice.  It is important that you have access to that advice whenever you need it.

Human Resources is more than just recruitment and training. Organisations need to have the input of strategic HR and IR specialists to drive business growth and effectively respond to challenges and risks. They also need to have practical and effective HR consulting at an operational level to achieve the best outcomes for employees and the business.

It can be difficult and costly to find one individual who has the breadth and depth of skills, knowledge and experience that will truly make a positive difference to the experience of employees and help drive business outcomes.

The Red Wagon Managed Service HR solution provides you with access to specialists in different facets of HR, when you need them, without compromising on expertise.

Which HR managed service is right for you?

Red Wagon creates HR service solutions that address the unique characteristics of your organisation because we know that one size doesn’t fit all!

Red Wagon has created HR solutions to suit the unique needs of your business now, which will continue to grow with your business into the future.

The Foundation HR package will suit businesses that need a range of policy and letter templates, guides, and resources at their fingertips available via our online Resource Hub. Our documents are routinely reviewed and updated, and we’ll let you know when a change has been made so you can update your documentation.

In addition to the Resource Hub, you will also have access to our monthly member-only newsletter which will provide practical information and updates on HR issues in the straight-talking style you expect from the Red Wagon team.

The Operational HR package provides access to HR expertise and workplace advice from the Red Wagon Workplace Relations team. The Operational HR package enables you to book unlimited HR consultations on any HR / IR matter, request reviews of employment contracts, HR and policy reviews and support with industrial instrument interpretation as well as access to the online Resource Hub and over 80+ editable documents.

For businesses looking for strategic HR support, Red Wagon is able to tailor a package that addresses the unique needs of your business and leadership team. Contact Red Wagon to learn more about how to access services such HR strategy sessions and periodic reviews, leadership team coaching, CEO 360 assessments, Chief Executive sounding board sessions, access to VIP events and executive partner offers.

HR Managed Service Inclusions


Foundation HR

Operational HR

Unlimited Resource Access

Unlimited access to 80+ HR Policy templates Χ Χ
Free HR checklists and guidance notes Χ Χ
HR / IR email knowledge sharing Χ Χ
Notification of changes to legislation Χ Χ
Resource Hub access 1 authorised contact 2 authorised contacts

Unlimited Workplace Advice

Unlimited HR advice consultations   Χ
Unlimited HR policy amendments   Χ
Unlimited HR documentation reviews   Χ
Unlimited employment contract reviews   Χ
Industrial instrument interpretation   Χ
Termination and redundancy advice and coaching   Χ

Additional services include:

  • Assistance with Fair Work disputes including unfair dismissal, adverse action, discrimination, bullying, and harassment matters.
  • Management of HR complaints through the Resolve Complaints Management Solution.
  • Assessment and triaging of HR complaints and independent workplace investigations.
  • Quarterly compliance reviews and audit functions.
  • Enterprise Agreement strategy and negotiation support.
  • BreatheHR HRIS implementation and support.

Feedback From Our Clients

Suzanne Curyer

Chief Executive Officer
– Re-Engage Youth Services –

Even if you’re somebody like me who’s had years of experience in managing staff, I highly recommend that you use somebody like Susan to provide an objective perspective from outside of the organisation. She can provide you with information, updates and strategies to manage a modern workforce. Every organisation needs to invest in good advice, information and support from somebody like Susan.

Justin Struik

Managing Director
– Aerobond –

Red Wagon was very helpful and efficient in assisting us to resolve some challenging Human Resources issues. We are a small/ medium industry specialist and they were conscious of providing us with both legally compliant and practical solutions suitable for an SME to implement.

Start the dialogue with Red Wagon Workplace Solutions, for straight talking HR advice that makes a difference.