HR Support That Makes a Difference

The “people” issues in a workplace can be some of the most difficult, complex and sensitive challenges for managers to deal with in their business. Even when you have a good idea of how to tackle an issue, nothing can replace the value of talking it through with someone you can trust, someone who is impartial and can help you to understand your options and risks.

Whether you have an HR resource in-house, or it is one of the many hats you wear, Red Wagon will provide you with wise and practical HR advice. We have years of experience of guiding managers through the messiest, most complicated workplace issues, so you can feel confident that you are receiving reasoned and practical guidance from an experienced HR consultant who not just understands business, but understands your business.

Australia has the most complex workplace relations laws in the world. Fair Work forms the foundation of all workplace and employee-related activities, from the hiring process to terms and conditions of employment, workplace changes, dispute resolution and employee exits. In such a complex environment, it is no wonder that you need a guide to help you unpack your HR activities!

Engaging a seasoned HR consultant to partner with your business is a practical and efficient option that will provide you with access to the best HR tactics and strategies that will make a positive difference to your employees, your business, and you.

Straight Talking HR Advice

We are proud of the genuine relationships we have with all our customers and the community. Whether you need generalist HR consulting or an outsourced HR manager, a workplace investigator, or assistance with a bespoke HR project, we can partner with you to be an extension of your existing team.

Some of our projects include:

  • development and implementation of systems and frameworks for people processes, for example, performance appraisal processes, professional development
  • workforce planning initiatives, including position description development, succession planning frameworks, organisational redesign and restructures
  • review and amend processes within the employee lifecycle such as recruitment, probationary assessment, employee separation
  • coaching and guidance of internal HR consultants and CEOs

HR Policies and Update Services

HR Policies are an important tool for setting and managing employee expectations for performance and conduct. Accessing easy to understand templates that are compliant with Australian legislation is neither a straightforward nor inexpensive exercise. And let’s face it – employment law is complex, and the rules are changing all the time, making it a time-consuming task to ensure your policies are current, let alone forward-thinking.

As experts in HR, we can advise you as to the important policies that every business should have in place. We designed our policy packs with simplicity, practicality and compliance as a priority.

Our policies are delivered electronically in both PDF format and as a word document, providing you with a “master copy” of the original template, and an editable document so you can personalise it to your organisation.

How was I supposed to know that had changed?

Keeping on top of your day-to-day work is hard. Managing to stay across every change and amendment to the Fair Work legislation, Modern Awards and impact of Fair Work Commission decisions, is tough.

Understanding which changes apply to you and what they mean can be nearly impossible, as can finding the time to update your policies and procedures!

Missing an update can have significant ramifications, including creating underpayment risks and disenfranchising employees. Not knowing about a change isn’t an excuse in a court of law.

You need absolute confidence that you are getting the basics right. Let Red Wagon keep you updated as to the changes relevant to your business, so you don’t have to spend time working out the what and the how.

HR Tools

Red Wagon is pleased to recommend some of the tools that we use in our own business.

ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll         

There are many different HR and payroll systems available on the market and working out which one is best for your business is a project in and of itself. I’ve gotten to know the team at ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll and personally use and recommend their systems.

Comprehensive and cost-effective, the ELMO platform offers solutions which include payroll, roster/time and attendance, employee self-service, onboarding and recruitment, performance management, succession planning and learning and development.

For me, user experience and data security are key factors when making technology purchases. ELMO’s integrated modules can save you time and give you easy access to the information you need to manage your workforce from “hire to retire.”

Red Wagon is a proud partner of ELMO and is able to support your business with our managed HR service solutions and with system implementation.



Many organisations find it challenging to maintain the delicate balance between achieving business deliverables and employee care. The role of an HR consultant can quickly become a mix of employee advocate, business leader and counsellor.

It is a difficult thing to encourage trusted conversations with so many competing and complex issues.

We recommend Whispli to assist you to streamline and centralise your employee conversations with a confidential virtual open-door platform. Offering affordable products to suit all budgets, Whispli will facilitate private two-way conversations between HR or managers and your workforce.

Red Wagon is able to assist you to implement or manage any of the Whispli products including system set up, policy and process frameworks, management of ongoing employee communications and reporting, or simply introduce you to their great team.

Feedback From Our Clients

Suzanne Curyer

Chief Executive Officer
– Re-Engage Youth Services –

Even if you’re somebody like me who’s had years of experience in managing staff, I highly recommend that you use somebody like Susan to provide an objective perspective from outside of the organisation. She can provide you with information, updates and strategies to manage a modern workforce. Every organisation needs to invest in good advice, information and support from somebody like Susan.

Justin Struik

Managing Director
– Aerobond –

Red Wagon was very helpful and efficient in assisting us to resolve some challenging Human Resources issues. We are a small/ medium industry specialist and they were conscious of providing us with both legally compliant and practical solutions suitable for an SME to implement.

Start the dialogue with Red Wagon Workplace Solutions, for straight talking HR advice that makes a difference.