6 Things Every HR Leader Should Be Doing

by | Aug 12, 2020

This article first appeared on Ardor

As soon as HR steps into a meeting or is seen walking down the corridor, the whispers begin.

“What do HR people do?”

The department of human resources is often confusing for both managers and staff. People don’t know when to go to HR, or if HR is their friend or enemy.

HR is there for the benefit of employees, managers, and the business, for practical tasks and strategic advice or simply support and guidance, no matter what your role in the business is.

What does Human Resources Do?

Before we dive into knowing human resources tasks for success, we need to answer the question, “what does human resources do?”.

The common answer to the question is ‘recruitment’, quickly followed by ‘prepare policies’. The truth is HR does far more than that. 

Human resources can also seem rather daunting to some. A group of people in dark suits that sit in an offsite building waiting to fire you. But human resources is just that, a resource! HR should function as the guiding compass in any business because they are a resource and support for the most important assets of an organisation – it’s people!

So “what does the HR department do”? Here are some fairly common responsibilities of HR in most organisations:

  • Onboarding and inducting employees
  • Listening to employee concerns
  • Mediating disputes between employees
  • Managing compensation and benefits for employees 
  • Facilitating training 
  • Reviewing workforce metrics and data
  • Succession planning 
  • Address poor behaviours and performance issues 


All of these functions are important, but by taking things a little bit further, HR has the ability to really make a positive impact on employees and the business as a whole.